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Yoga Is An Efficient Way To Shape The Mind, Body And Soul

Literally translated, the Sanskrit word "yoga" means, among other things, "connection, union, method or technique". Yoga is the umbrella term for a variety of physical and mental exercises.

The roots of yoga are in India. Yoga is one of the oldest philosophical teachings that deal with people in their entirety. Yoga has always meant more than just a series of postures and exercises. Rather, yoga is a state in which the mind transcends the finest level of thought and reaches a stage of complete silence and unity with itself.

Yoga is becoming increasingly popular in Europe, for example to reduce stress. The focus is on special physical exercises, the so-called asanas. These yoga exercises train strength, flexibility and balance. A yoga class usually includes deep relaxation, breathing exercises and meditation. The aim of yoga is to bring body, mind, soul and breath into harmony and thereby achieve more inner serenity and calm. The calming and balancing effect of yoga is ideal for stressed people. In addition, yoga is a wonderful way for people of all ages to stay healthy and fit. We only need two square meters and can exercise it anywhere in the world for a lifetime.

The core of yoga is asanas (postures), pranayamas (breathing exercises) and meditation (concentration and collection). Yoga ensures relaxation and regeneration of body and soul.
It is important for all exercises:
1. Wear loose, not restricting clothes.
2. Pay attention to conscious, deep breathing.
3. Warm up the body and muscles a little beforehand.
Yoga is a physical and mental exercise that requires little beyond your own motivation, time and expert guidance.

Almost all forms of yoga do not require any equipment. For some exercises, yoga accessories such as a yoga block, pillow or belt are very helpful - including Ashtanga or Ivengar. As standard basic equipment we recommend a mat with a suitable bag. As a useful extension of your yoga accessories, the yoga belt and the yoga block are recommended.

The different yoga styles
Below we list some yoga styles with additional information.

Simply choose a yoga style that interests you.

✓ Yin yoga

✓ Vinyasa yoga

✓ Viniyoga

✓ Hatha yoga

✓ Hot Yoga / Bikram Yoga

Here you can see the different yoga styles in alphabetical order. Some have a long tradition and have been taught for many decades, others are mixed forms and are added every year depending on the fashion trend. The most commonly practiced form when speaking of yoga is hatha yoga.

More yoga styles:

AcroYoga ®
Antigravity ® Yoga
Anusara-Yoga ®
Bhakti yoga
Budokon ® yoga
Forrest Yoga ®
Hormone yoga
Integral yoga
Iyengar yoga
Jnana yoga
Jivamukti yoga
Karma yoga
Kripalu yoga
Kriya yoga
Kundalini yoga
Luna-Yoga ®
Power yoga
Prana Flow ®
Raja yoga
Satyananda Yoga ®
Shadow yoga
Sivananda yoga
Tao Yin Yoga
TriYoga ®
Vinyasa (flow) yoga
Yogilates ® Yolates ®

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