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Pregnancy And Sport - Should You Still Be Training?

Doing exercises during pregnancy is not prohibited. On the contrary: childbirth is a great challenge for the body. It is therefore important to strengthen the body and keep it flexible, especially during pregnancy.  You see, sport for pregnant women - not only does it fit together, it is also important for the body!

Warning: pregnancy is something special for your body (and for you, of course). The feel-good factor therefore comes first during the exercises. If you are in pain or if you feel dizzy, please stop the exercise immediately and it is best to see a doctor. In the case of complicated pregnancies or health problems, pregnant women should always consult a doctor to find out which exercises can be used during pregnancy.

Check out our recommended training exercises for pregnant women, and always go alongside the advice of a health practitioner. However, the one most important technique to cover if you do decide to exercise, is to relax properly after each session.

Woman in Black Sports Bra and Black Shorts Holding Red Kettle Bell

During pregnancy, it is important to give the body the necessary rest, because your body is robbed of a lot of energy and strength during pregnancy. You should therefore listen to your body when it says "Stop! I do not want to any more. I need relaxation! ”.

Sit on your fitness mat. The legs are bent to the side and the soles of the feet lie against each other. The back stays straight during the exercise. Now you put your hands on your thighs and take a deep breath.

Sport for pregnant women is no longer a taboo. But during pregnancy, the body is the boss. You should therefore listen to your body - it knows what is good for you: rest, relaxation, a balanced diet and exercise.

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