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A Do-Anywhere Core Workout Kit

Nothing beats time spent relaxing at home, taking a break from daily routines and spending long, lazy days in our pyjamas. After a couple of days, however, you might find a certain restless itch creeping in – and a very valid separation anxiety from your gym. Bringing your gym routine home is easier than you might think – with just a few pieces of the right equipment, you can get a full-body workout in your own living room.

Gym mat

Bring a little piece of the gym home with you by investing in a high-quality exercise mat – it'll allow you to do whatever core exercises you prefer in comfort, no matter where you set up. Or opt for a mat that's lightweight and easy to roll up, but padded and stable enough to support you through any workout.

Resistance band

The ultimate all-rounder, a resistance band will not only make your at-home workout far more effective, it's also incredibly easy to pack into a suitcase.


A small set of dumbbells stashed in your suitcase is an easy way to get through your routine reps at home – increase the amount of sets if the weight is far lighter than you're used to!


If you can handle a little more weight, a kettlebell is the ideal tool to power up your at-home workouts. Whether deadlifts, squats or swings, a kettlebell will earn you a highly effective full-body workout anywhere.

Ankle & wrist weights

If you're already a dedicated lifter, adding ankle or wrist weights to your at-home workout is a perfectly portable way to increase resistance with ease.

Foam roller

No workout is complete without a proper recovery, and a foam roller is a lightweight and effective piece of equipment that can help with just that. Useful anywhere, it'll massage your fascial tissue and release any tension, which helps both to prevent injury and protect your joints.

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